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The Barclay Gallery & Garden Cafe opened for business on October 7, 2004.

Original construction of our building (which sits on one-third acre) began in November 1952 and occupancy occurred in late December 1953. The owner/occupant was the J.C. Busch Company, a tool and die machine shop operator with 28 employees. Their signage remains visible today at the top of our building. By 1976, the building was occupied by the Ullstrup Tool and Die Company. Later tenants included Robert Schroeder woodworkers, and in early 1999 the building was occupied by Kramer International (which owned property 1 block west) for additional “office space/pattern shop/machine area/and maintenance”. The building was purchased in January 2004 by JTL Properties LLC for use as the Barclay Gallery & Garden Café.

The overhead cranes are original equipment that have been cleaned and left in place to maintain the historical integrity of the building.

Dennis Getto
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Dec04.